Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tired Obedience Puppy

Jam went to her first obedience run-through today and worked her little paws off. The run-throughs are like practice shows and you are allowed to use food, toys, and any other training aids as well as give corrections in the ring.
We used this as a wonderful opportunity for socialization and working with lots of distractions. Jam really surprised me and everyone else with her focus and attention, unusual in a pup her age. The chicken strips certainly helped to keep her on task.

She did amazingly well for her first time in the ring at a new place with lots of good distractions. Of course, I didn't do any off-lead heeling but her recall was off lead and quite enthusiastic! Her groups stays were solid and I was very proud of her especially as we were right next to the Open ring and dumbbells were flying by and dogs running around.

A number of people commented how calm Jam seems, hehehe, they don't live with her :)

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