Thursday, June 25, 2009

A special vintage...

To my utter surprise yesterday morning, I walked into the kitchen to find Jam on point facing the wine rack, with Wotan and Trixie right behind her. As my old field trainer Ed Monte used to tell me, "Always trust your dog." Well, I knew if Jam was on point, there was a bird in there. I looked in and yes, there was a little sparrow!!!
I quickly dragged the dogs outside, removed the screens from the kitchen windows and emptied the wine rack. I gently flushed the bird, hoping she would fly out the window, but of course, she didn't and landed on top of the kitchen cabinets. More encouragement and she flew into the dining room, ugh! I lost her in there and hoped she would find her way outside. I let the dogs back in and an hour later, Trixie had found her and she flew out the window. Bird - 1, Dogs - 0.
This morning, Jam had to make sure that there weren't any little birds hiding in the wine rack, lol!

Friday, June 12, 2009