Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jam awarded Winner's Bitch at Walkill Kennel Club Show

Pictures from Saturday's show thanks to Meridith
After enduring a major snowstorm, losing power, water and heat, waiting to be plowed out, I braved the snow and made it in the nick of time to show Jam at Friday's show. My class was just going in the ring and I literally had to drop my bag and coat, change out of snow boots into show shoes, change Jam's lead, grabbed a handful of bait and went into the ring. Jam showed her little toes off and we were pleased to win, going Winner's Bitch for one point.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Official Sand & Sea Kennel Club Win Picture

Jam, pictured with Steve Lane (owner/breeder of Parker, Jam's sire), going Winner's Bitch under judge Christine Polander at the Sand & Sea Kennel Club show Februry 4, 2010.
Thanks to Steve for his wonderful handling of Jam!

Winter Teeter...

... covered in backyard agility practice until we get a Spring thaw
Jam occupies herself with a favorite bone
We received a new 6 in cover of snow on Tuesday
The snow is beautiful and the dogs love it.
Teeter in hibernation...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Golf Anyone?

Today's run at a local golf course proved to be just what the girls needed. Trixie enjoyed her first outing since having the pups and Jam, well Jam always has a great time!

Steady to shot...

Jam's field training is going very well and our goal to have her ready to compete for her Senior Hunter title in April is turning into reality. The mild January gave us plenty of opportunities to train, although the snow in February may put a damper on our schedule.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

No snow here

Areas to our south received 2-3 feet of snow yesterday and we didn't get so much as a snowflake! The temperature was quite chilly, reminding us that it was still winter. We bundled up and went for a hike.
Nice to have a place closeby where Jam can run safely off leash and we rarely run into other people or dogs.
Excellent recall!
Not sure what she was pointing at but held it until I was able to release her. Trixie was home with the pups and I thought it was a little too icy for Wotan. Jam loved her special time without the other dogs.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Showtime for two more points!

Jam went off to shows this week and came home a winner, adding two more points towards her championship. She won two days in a row at the Sand and Sea Kennel Club shows handled by Steve Lane, her sire, Parker's owner/breeder. The weekend was cut short due to the forecasted blizzard and Jam came home to us on Friday.
Here's Jam in the breed ring, after going Winner's Bitch, with Jamie Donelson Bernardin.
Congratulations and thanks to Steve and Bonnie Lane, Hibourne, for taking such great care of my girl!