Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Purple Octopus

Jam has a favorite new toy!
I just knew that she would love this adorable, purple octopus when I spotted it at Petco.
This Tuffy toy, is not only cute, but it passes the Weim chew test and is virtually indestructable for my Weims who have been labeled as having "jaws of life!"
Just the right size and shape to wrap those paws around for the perfect nooking position.


sararenee said...

Sylvie is the only one of my Weims that nook! She loves sleeping with a toy in her mouth~
Vera just tears things up and Dylan rarely plays with stuffies anymore. I know for a fact that almost all the other Windward dogs nook!

Linda said...

Wotan became a nooker late in life, lol! He enjoys eviscerating toys and chewing on rawhides and bones. Trixie doesn't nook but my Zoe, was the greatest nooker of all!