Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Big Bed

While Trixie is busy taking care of her puppies, Jam is enjoying some quiet time on the bed. She thinks it's her king size bed...I won't be the one to burst her bubble. Oh no, caught with her panties on! This is Jam's first season and I have to say that she couldn't care less about wearing panties around the house. Her purple coordinating ones are in the wash :)


sararenee said...

Coordinating panties!? Seriously???


I bought some cute purple flower ones for Vera a while back. She hasn't had to wear them yet, but I'm sure I'll get an earful from her when she does...

Linda said...

Of coure Jam wears coordinating panties...she's a fashionista, lol!

Jam had no trouble adapting to wearing the panties and even wears them while running in agility class. Trixie does the Tazmanian devil dance when they are first put on her but then grudgingly wears them. You're lucky Vera is a late bloomer, Jam's timing of coming in the day after the pups were born was not ideal but on the other hand it is reality and I accept that!