Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back Jam-in in the field

After a break from field training due to vacations and poor weather, we were excited to take Jam back to Mike's for field training, especially as we are getting ready for this Sunday's WCA Ratings test, hosted by the Garden State Weimaraner Club, as well as upcoming fall hunt tests.
Jam just keeps on wowing us with her natural ability and solid point.
Whoa! Once Jam finds the planted bird, we give her the "Whoa!" command and then walk up beside her. A check cord is attached to her collar to keep her steady in case she does break before or when the bird is flushed. Before the bird is flushed, I praise her verbally and also stroke her.
Our main focus at this point is steadying her on the bird once she goes on point and keeping her steady (staying in position) when we flush the bird. We are very pleased with her progress and the improvement in her skills each time she goes into the field.

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