Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Jam time

According to Jam, the world does not revolve around puppies, even though it seems that way, and she loved the chance to run on one of our favorite trails at Harriman State Park. As soon as she saw me grab my hiking shoes, she was jumping for joy and ran to the door. We had limited time and I ran out without the camera so snapped these shots with my Palm Pre.
It is definitely a challenge to balance the needs of a very active, young Weim and care for a litter of pups. Jam needs both mental stimulation and vigorous physical exercise.
Not only did Jam explore the trail but we worked on her recall and a bit of off lead heeling. Every monent together is an opportunity for training. It is also good for Jam to get away from the other dogs and have alone time to bond with me. A special time for both of us.

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