Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WCWDC Obedience at WCA Nationals

Jam during her Novice B Obedience run at the WCWDC Obedience Trial during the WCA Nationals week in Gettysburg. Novice obedience exercises include heeling on and off lead with automatic sits, stand for exam, recall and groups sits and downs.
Jam in her show pose for the Stand for Exam. She has to stay standing while I walk 8 feet away, turn and face her, the judge then goes and touches her head, withers and rear and then tells the handler to return to your dog, where I then walk around her back to heel position. After the dog is told to stay, you are not allowed to give any verbal or hand signals. Jam got a perfect score for this exercise :)
Recall with great attention
All done with the individuals, now we wait for all the handlers to finish and the groups stays to begin. Pictures by Sara Renee.

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Sagira said...

Way to go Jam! :)