Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Agility Class: Working on Advance Skills and Fixing things!

Jam is in an Intermediate level agility class.  In today's class, we ran an Excellent level course that the instructor reconstructed from last weekend's agility trial.  Although Jam and the other dogs in the class compete at the novice level, we always train up and improve by being challenged.  Check out the opening jump sequence with an immediate front cross and tunnel/Aframe discrimination.with a tricky weave pole entrance.  At the far end of the room is a threadle or serpentine sequence that we ran twice in the course, going over 3 jumps the first pass and all 4 the second time. Jam ran the course well but is still having teeter issues that we're working on.  Most importantly, we both have fun playing this game called agility!


June said...

Jam is looking great out there! I think I'd need extra practice on the teeter too ;-)

Sagira said...

Nice job! The teeter and the dog walk always scare me. Sagira fell off the dog walk once my heart stopped! :(