Friday, December 10, 2010

1st Place NA & NAJ New Title Runs!

Jam's 3rd qualifying leg at the Skyline Agility Club's trial on December 5th.  Jam earned a 1st placement and finished her NA, Novice Agility Standard title.  Jam finished her title easily with two 1st places and one 2nd place at all breed trials.  We have work to do on the teeter and weaves as well as distractions but she shows terrific promise as a competitive agility dog and hope to bring her out again in the Spring.  The location of the trial is where we train on a weekly basis and Jam typically is much speedier and runs with higher drive at outdoor trials.

Jam's 1st place Jumpers with Weaves run, (shown below) earning her 3rd qualifying leg to complete the NAJ or Novice Agility Jumpers title.

Jam LOVES people, especially kids and it was a real challenge keeping her focus during the run when she decided to go visit the young people on the ring crew.  Fortunately, she has a huge stride and was able to make up the time to finish with only a few time faults.


Sagira said...

Jam you make me smile...visiting in the ring. hehe. But hey, that little kid was good to turn their back like that. Good job and congrats on your new titles. :)

June said...

Very proud of you, Jammie girl!