Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jam in high demand

Jam on set last week, with a blue screen, that way the ad agency can put in whatever background they want.
 Jam seems to be the "it girl" for photo shoots and agents are requesting her for a number of different jobs.  Last week, Jam was terrific on a shoot for a canine pharmaceutical drug and the client and photographer loved her.  She was the ultimate professional, performing every pose they asked for, many jumps in the air at different angles and impressed everyone with how well trained she was.  The photographer requested her for "beauty shots" and she happily obliged.  As a bonus, everyone on set got kisses and she was a perfect ambassador for the breed.

Today, she's off to New York City for a high fashion shoot....the exciting life of a supermodel!
The busy set of last week's photoshoot...hard to see Jam on the monitor, jumping in the air. 

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Sagira said...

Way to go Jam! :)