Saturday, July 9, 2011

2011 WCA Nationals Agility Trial - Day 3- Jam 1st place Open JWW!

 The 3rd and final day of agility during the WCA Nationals week was the WCA Weimaraner Only Agility Trial.  We shared the day with the Keeshonds and it was a fun day for all, full of camaraderie for both breeds and helping each other run a very efficient trial.  Jam had a terrific Open Jumpers with Weaves run, full of controlled drive and she won the class!

 Jam is very focused and jumping 24" in easy for this athletic girl.
 Woo hoo!  1st place Open Jumpers with Weaves wins the class and gives Jam her 2nd Open JWW leg.
 Jam with her running contact off the A-frame.  These last two photos are from her Exc A Standard run.  It was her debut in Excellent and other than knocking the top panel of the panel jump, she had a terrific run.
 An end to a fantastic three days of agility.  I couldn't be more proud of how Jam and Trixie ran.  Jam earned two 1st places, one of which gave her the qualifying leg to finish her Open Standard title, and a 4th place.  Then we were off to the host hotel to compete in conformation and obedience, where Jam finished her Companion Dog (CD) title and then got an Award of Merit hours later!  

Finishing her OA and CD also gave her another new title - VX or Versatile Excellent.  You can see blog posts for the 2011 WCA Nationals in the May/June archives and also on Trixie's blog in the May/June archives.

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