Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jam-in at the Tracy Sklenar Masters Agility Seminar

Always looking to learn and improve my handling, I was excited to have the opportunity to participate with Jam in a Tracy Sklenar Masters/Advanced Agility Seminar.  The seminar covered course analysis and how motion, footwork and position can give your dogs information for fabulous runs.  Tracy Sklenar is a world class agility competitor and a great instructor, bringing humor and her excellent eye to help handlers get faster, more accurate and consistent runs out of their dogs.

Jam and I were up to the challenge and as hard as it was to learn a new handling method, running for acceleration and less arm and verbal cues, I had to trust my dog and it worked!  We also enjoyed and learned from watching the other dogs and handlers, many of whom we've taken classes with and known for years.

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