Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where does the time go?

Jam, our official new puppy picture
It was only four years ago that we embarked on an amazing journey as a breeder.  Jam, who was our keeper from that litter, will continue the legacy of Grayhart Weimaraners and begin her career as a mother.  The long awaited breeding date is upon us and we are filled with excitement, trepidation and nervousness.  We have such high hopes for this litter but any breeder knows that there are no guarantees and nature will take it's course no matter what our plans may be.  Who would have thought that our Miss Purple would accomplish so much before her fourth birthday and have such an impact on our lives and those she's touched.
Trixie and her pup Jam
 We will blog more about our upcoming litter, the process of this particular breeding, with advanced fertility treatments and the challenge of interviewing prospective homes.
Jam at 11 weeks, supermodel in the making!

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