Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Reality has struck and we are ready to discuss one of the challenges of breeding. Although the majority of my posts are for fun, follow our litters, celebrate wins, discuss training and are hopefully educational, I also want to share the long awaited news about Jam's breeding. Unfortunately, her ultrasound showed no puppies.
We are very disappointed that she is not pregnant and we do not know why this breeding did not take and may never know. The people on our waiting list are also quite disappointed. I am thankful for those who have chosen to wait for our next litter and understand those who prefer not to wait and have referred them to other breeders.

As a responsible breeder, we spent many months researching pedigrees and looking at various dogs, in person whenever possible such as at Nationals and Regional Specialties, and made sure Jam had all her health testing complete as well as the potential sire. Additionally, there were hours spent speaking to and meeting potential puppy people and even mentoring some of them. We literally spent thousands of dollars to do this special breeding, as the pedigree was exceptional and we all had high hopes for a fantastic litter. But in breeding as in life, there are no guarantees and this breeding for whatever reason, did not take.

On the upside, Jam is healthy and happy and will return to her role as a therapy dog, where she was sorely missed. She will continue her modeling career, get back to training and competitions and we plan on breeding her this coming summer.

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