Thursday, June 7, 2012

2012 YAI Central Park Challenge

Jam and I had an amazing day, being part of the 12,000 at the YAI 2012 Central Park Challenge! A day of fun and excitement for a truly important cause: raising funds to change people’s lives...those with developmental disabilities. I am humbled to be part of this wonderful organization.
 We joined the 12,000 or so who attended to either run in the 5K or walk the 3K, or cheered everyone on.
 The group home that Jam and I visit for our Delta Therapy Dog visits are part of YAI.
 The walk wound through Central Park on a glorious day!
 We made it to the finish line and there was a band playing in the Bandshell and lots of booths plus fun stuff for kids like face painting and sand art.
 After the run, I took Jam for a walk to some of the famous sights in the park, like the fountain and lake.

 We then me up with a fellow Delta Pet Partner team, Anita and her lovely lab, Deacon, to spend the afternoon chatting and walking through the park.  A great day in the city!

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June said...

What wonderful work you and Jam do! Great cause to walk and raise funds!! :-)