Saturday, September 22, 2012

J-S Pups Day 7: A week old - growth & loss

 Most of the pups has grown leaps and bounds.  For their one week birthday, it was time for a few to have their first photo shoot - it is the Grayhart way!
 Keeping the pups in the box was a challenge as they are quite agile and adventurous.

Sadly, Miss Pink who we have been tube feeding lost her battle and went peacefully over the rainbow bridge.  A heartbreaking day but this is the reality of breeding and nature, that only the strongest survive. The photos below were taken this morning, while she was still with us.
 The whole gang
 A puppy Rorschach test!
The other girls and Mr. Orange are just amazing with their little personalities starting to show.  We've been doing the BioSensor on them and will blog about that tomorrow.

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