Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Birds on the brain

Whoa! Jam's field training continues to improve but with it some new challenges as Jam has found her independence. She is ranging out like a field trial dog and breaking her whoa before I can get to her. On the positive side, the trainer is thrilled with her ranging, hunting style and her long nose plus we started backing her or honoring as it is called, a skill needed for Senior Hunter. She is still pointing with intensity so the breaking her whoa, is a training issue that we will continue work on and steady her to the flush before we move on to the next step. Jam absolutely loves hunting and her drive and nose is overpowering her brain.
Jam is holding her point for a good while as we walk up to her from across the field...unfortunately she broke her point just as we got to her. Back to the check cord to correct this behavior. And as always, tons of praise and rewards when she does the right thing.

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