Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Senior training begins...

Now that Jam has completed her Junior Hunter title, we are forging ahead with a plan to train her for her Senior Hunter title. There is a tremendous leap between the requirements for Junior and Senior, and depending on the dog, some of these things may come easy, while others offer challenges. Jam has great potential, natural ability and drive, which make training her a pleasure. It is obvious to everyone that Jam absolutely LOVES hunting. The obstacles that we are currently facing in training are her newly found confidence and big run. She is ranging quite far and going ahead of us to find the birds. Yesterday, we found her in the next field, on point, holding for many minutes but she went in on the bird before she was released. Not acceptable at the Senior level.So, back to the check cord. Once she is pointing, we are putting her back on the check cord to teach her to steady and wait until she is released before moving. This process will take time as we will not move on to retrieving until we know she is steady to shot. We worked her on a few quail in various fields and then to some backing practice. It seems Jam is a natural backer, automatically honoring the dog on point.
Where are you going with my birds???

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